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Q&A: At the leading edge - William Cecil

William Cecil discusses how Teledyne Controls are connected to the aviation industry

Tell us briefly how Teledyne Controls is connected to the airline industry?


Teledyne has a trademarked tagline ‘EverywhereyoulookTM’ – in so many places around the world and in space you can look around you and there will be a Teledyne Technologies’ solution behind the scenes. Nowhere is it more the case than in the airline industry where, if you pick any airline or airliner, you will find behind the scenes Teledyne’s aircraft data products and services helping the industry to improve the safety, economics, and efficiency of air travel.


More than three quarters of airliner assets in operation with airlines across the globe have one or more of Teledyne’s digital avionics products on-board that perform edge data capture and analytics, real-time inflight transmission of events, batched transmission of large volumes of time-series data post flight on the ground to airline operations, maintenance and safety departments.


On the ground a majority of airlines and MRO organisations are utilising Teledyne services and products to configure the edge analytics that run on their airplane assets, to process and derive value from the high-volume asset data that is collected from airplanes. Notably Teledyne’s GroundLink® automated wireless data harvesting system and Teledyne’s asset and operations data analytics products have enabled airlines to continuously improve flight safety over the last decade. More than 10,000 airplanes worldwide feature Teledyne Controls technology, including many of those operated by the low cost and regional operators.


There is new era of digital transformation under way in all industries; sometimes referred to as the ‘fourth industrial revolution.’ Teledyne Controls has a mission to create value for the airline industry by leveraging aircraft data intelligence and promoting an innovative, flexible and collaborative culture.


What is data intelligence and how is Teledyne involved in this?


On the newest airplane models, hundreds of terabytes of sensor data are generated with every flight but not all of it is useful; not by a long shot. In contrast less than half a terabyte of sensor data is transmitted and consumed by airline operations and maintenance; and that’s not for one flight, that’s for an entire year of operations. And that’s not for one aircraft, but for all the global fleets of 20,000+ airliners combined. The gap between data generated on-board and the data transmitted in real-time is huge. There is a middle ground and that is the time series asset data collected post flight that has been often deemed as ‘safety data’ and Teledyne is now leading the utilisation of this data for applications beyond flight safety that are focussed on maintenance and operations efficiency, and further improving airplane and fleet reliability.


Aircraft data is only valuable when it is converted into useful information that gets to the right place at the right time and drives outcomes that airlines and MROs desire. In the fourth industrial revolution you not only need modern analytics but you need this to be fed by the right data; of the right quality, quantity and on time. This is the definition of data intelligence and it is at the core of what Teledyne Controls is all about. >>


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