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Volume 9, July 2014 | Contents

Changing gears bookmark
Pratt & Whitney’s new geared turbofan is now being put through its paces in preparation for entry into service, and if all goes to plan it should be a game-changing piece of innovation. Keith Mwanalushi reports
Editorial comment – July 2014 bookmark
IATA should seek to represent the whole, not the global few
IATA has just ended its annual shindig, hosted this time in Qatar. Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways chief – and usually one to hit the headlines with his outspoken comments – seems to have been relatively quiet this year, leaving IATA with fewer column inches than usual. So what has IATA been up to?
Foxxed by an uneven market bookmark
Norwegian has the legacy carriers in a spin. It has spotted a way to lower its costs – but the US airline industry is fighting its own corner. In a world already characterised by inequality, is there any justice in denying the carrier traffic rights? Alexandra Lennane investigates
Jump into the pool bookmark
Rus Sutaria examines the reliability concerns of pooled parts for both lessors and operators, while attempting to dispel some of the myths associated with their use on board
Load masters bookmark
Picking the right handler for freight can be essential to the success of the cargo operation. But can carriers be as innovative below the wing as they are above? Ian Putzger reports
Pay to play bookmark
New technologies for payments are gaining traction, with 83% of carriers regarding it as a major business priority, but there are still regional differences. Ian Putzger examines the available options
Paying a premium? bookmark
Both full-service airlines and low-cost carriers are making a foray into a new cabin class: premium economy – a sector expected to see increasingly significant demand. Ian Putzger finds out what’s on offer
Pushing down fuel burn bookmark
Wingtip devices are the latest piece of innovation in aircraft design. Keith Mwanalushi examines how far this technology goes to meeting airline expectations for reduced fuel burn and improved performance
Q&A: At the leading edge bookmark
Mark Povall, Air Service Director, Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Mark Povall rejoined Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) in July 2013 after a previous seven-year stint, which ended in 2006.
Rise of the Phoenix bookmark
Economic upheaval in Greece sent Aegean Airlines into losses. But an aggressive growth strategy in the downturn, plus the takeover of failing flag carrier Olympic, has put the airline in a strong position. Managing director Dimitrios Gerogiannis talks to Martin Rivers
July 2014