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Volume 9, December 2014 | Contents

A family affair bookmark
As the race for next generation aircraft heats up, Keith Mwanalushi speaks to Embraer Commercial Aviation’s chief executive officer, Paulo Cesar Silva, about the significance of the new E2 family
Are you being served? bookmark
Traditionally, inflight food has a bad reputation, but as Keith Mwanalushi finds, several airlines and caterers are working to change this perception – offering not only a better taste, but also sustainable products and new partnerships too
Dobrolet 2.0 takes to the skies bookmark
Pobeda is the new Dobrolet, Aeroflot’s low-cost subsidiary. While Crimea is not among its destinations yet, the stubborn Russian carrier is not ruling it out, finds Martin Rivers
Down and under? bookmark
Aviation in Australia is a dynamic and changing environment, but lately the industry has faced considerable challenges. Keith Mwanalushi takes a closer look at the route ahead
Editorial comment – December 2014 bookmark
Creative thinking beats back the competition
There is never a dull moment in this industry. As it matures, the low-cost business becomes increasingly fascinating in all kinds of ways. It’s partly the people in it – for example, Michael O’Leary, the acerbic chief executive officer of Ryanair who is apparently becoming more “presidential” – but it’s also the innovation, with business models changing along with the technology.
Growing pains bookmark
Proflight is the only scheduled airline flying in Zambia, but as Keith Mwanalushi reports from Lusaka, holding a monopoly comes with a heavy price tag
On emission bookmark
Several new fuels are on the market – but the question for carriers continues to be price, availability and regulation. Ian Putzger reports on a growing market
Q&A: At the leading edge bookmark
David Evans, Chief executive officer, LIAT, The Caribbean Airline
During an extensive career in aviation spanning nearly 40 years, David Evans has lived and worked in more than a dozen countries across four continents. He is also no stranger to the Caribbean, having served as British Airways’ regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean in the mid-90s.
The E170 loses its lustre bookmark
Interest in the E170 is waning fast and Embraer may have received its last order for the type. Oliver Stuart-Menteth, managing director at Fintech Aviation Services, explains what impact this will have on residual values
The flying hybrid bookmark
Pegasus Airlines has become Europe’s second most profitable carrier – despite tearing up the low-cost rulebook and creating a hub-and-spoke network, all the while facing up to tough competition. Martin Rivers discovers the secret of the company’s success from Güliz Ozturk, chief commercial officer
December 2014