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Volume 8, July 2013 | Contents

Heading south bookmark
New entrants are once again trying to start up in the challenging South African market. But with a state-supported legacy carrier, high fuel and airport costs and limited passenger numbers, can they succeed? Keith Mwanalushi finds out
High in the Americas bookmark
While US carriers are seeing a resurgence in growth, there are big changes afoot in Canada too, with old players learning new tricks. Meanwhile, South America is becoming increasingly enticing. Ian Putzger reports from Toronto
Life beyond Malév bookmark
One Hungarian low-cost carrier is eyeing underdeveloped eastern markets as a platform for growth, finds Martin Roebuck
Small players, big ambitions bookmark
As Sukhoi’s Superjet rolls off the production line, and Mitsubishi continues to push sales of its new MRJ90, the regional aircraft market is looking competitive. Keith Mwanalushi reports on the progress
July 2013