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Volume 8, April 2013 | Contents

At the leading edge bookmark
Simon McNamara, Director general, ERA
Simon McNamara was promoted from deputy to director general on 1 January 2013. He is responsible to the ERA’s Board for the delivery and implementation of the ERA’s work in the field of policy, events and communications, as well as having overall responsibility for the ERA Directorate.
Distant climbs bookmark
A wave of airlines is currently jumping onto the long-haul, low-cost bandwagon. But as a business model that remains unproven in the long term, Keith Mwanalushi finds out whether current attempts can succeed where others have failed
Dodging the middlemen bookmark
As GDSs are accused of trying to put other technology companies out of business and airlines go to war with their former partners, Keith Mwanalushi gets to the bottom of a dirty business
Dynamic, demanding and determined bookmark
Editorial comment - April 2013
Has there ever been a more interesting time in this business? The airline industry has always been rife with challenges – with unexpected crises, over-regulation, security problems, political interference and financial constraints to name but a few.
Going up? bookmark
Brazil has the world’s third-largest domestic market after the US and China, but the era of high double-digit growth in the country’s domestic sector is gone. There are still opportunities, but low-cost carriers will need clever strategies to unlock the potential. Keith Mwanalushi reports
Levelling the field? bookmark
Ian Walker looks at Southwest’s new approach to ancillary fees in 2013, and asks if one of the world’s best-loved airlines is risking it all in the name of revenue
Play your cards right bookmark
Frequent flyer programmes were once rejected by low-cost carriers for their complexity. Although increasingly popular now, they continue to divide the industry. They can increase loyalty and boost the bottom line – just don’t forget the customer, warns Ian Putzger
Simply regional? bookmark
It was once considered foolhardy to break away from the traditional low-cost model. But research by James Pearson finds that few airlines are now purists – and that changes in the model depend on the region in which they operate
The battle begins bookmark
Improvements in propulsion technology have led to a highly contested battle between the Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX. As both programmes gain momentum, Keith Mwanalushi finds out whether the new product lines will live up to expectations
The new wave bookmark
Billboards are no longer enough to attract well-connected travellers. Social media and the internet have moved the goalposts – and airlines need to be far more savvy, writes Shubhodeep Pal, head of operations and innovation at consulting firm SimpliFlying
April 2013