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The CFM56 is arguably the most iconic engine in commercial aviation and as shop visits begin to peak, Keith Mwanalushi checks in with two of the key MRO players
The Singapore Airshow rarely ever turns heads in terms of aircraft orders, but it does play an important role in the world’s biggest growth market. Keith Mwanalushi reports
With the spike in traffic at European airports not limited to the major gateways, Keith Mwanalushi finds that at smaller airports, too, the numbers are picking up
Increasingly, low cost carriers are adopting retail management strategies to drive revenues and cost efficiencies. Keith Mwanalushi looks at some recent onboard retail programmes
US regional carriers play a crucial role in the American air transport system. But will increasingly serious staffing problems affecting many of those airlines lead to economic thrombosis? Alan Dron reports


Keith Mwanalushi
In 2015, I documented the difficulties endured by holders of the UK issued 1951 Geneva Convention Travel Document at the hands of easyJet. This travel document gives the holder visa-free travel privileges within certain countries in Europe based on an international agreement.

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Flybe announces future fleet plans bookmark

Planned delivery of four new Embraer E175 aircraft in 2019

ACSS to Equip Entire American Airlin... bookmark

ACSS, an L3 and Thales Company, announced today that American Airlines will equip its fleet of Airbus A321 aircraft with the ACSS SafeRoute® Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) In suite of software applications as well as supporting Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) processors and displays. ACSS already provides this technology for American’s Airbus A330 fleet

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