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With airlines seeking greater efficiencies in maintenance management, utilising the right software has become an essential element, as Keith Mwanalushi discovers
Africa is a region of immense prospects, and while this has been known for decades, there are still some unique challenges. Keith Mwanalushi looks at the current landscape of the airline industry
The issue of air connectivity is more important than ever for Europe. Airport operators and airlines gathered in Belfast, Northern Ireland to discuss opportunities. Keith Mwanalushi reports
Budget airlines are encroaching on the traditional territory of full service carriers while getting cheaper funding from banks. David Carruthers, Head of Research at Credit Benchmark, analyses the implications
Martin Rivers speaks to the CEO of Kazakhstan’s government-owned airline, Qazaq Air, about flying above economic turbulence, a popular social mandate and the quest for profitability


Keith Mwanalushi
It’s good to see that the C919 has finally taken off. Could this be a small step towards COMAC becoming a competitor for Airbus and Boeing, in my lifetime? Maybe not, but having another contender in the race can only be a good thing for aircraft operators looking at this market segment.

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Ryanair buys another 10 Boeing 737 M... bookmark

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today announced the purchase of 10 more Boeing 737 Max 200 “Gamechanger” aircraft

Embraer Marks One Year of E190 Opera... bookmark

Embraer announced today that it has signed an agreement with Japan Airlines for a firm order of an additional E190

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